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Why do we do what we do?

I dove into entrepreneurship because...

I have a passion for design and creative thinking.
My number one goal behind my brand is to help small and medium-sized businessess bring their unique visions to life because I believe every business deserves to have a brand they are proud of!

I am happiest when traveling, sharing my enthusiasm for dogs and plants, or exploring different parts of nature with my husband and two dogs, Max and Mosco.

One of my biggest strengths as a woman and professional is my ability to thrive when pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

I am confident that my ability to create beautiful designs and solve problems with clever solutions will be the perfect addition to taking your brand to the next level of success.

I'm Justice-- the CEO of Savvy Morris Marketing.

My philosophy behind life is living BIG, which means being bold, creative, nd adventurous.

Live Big.

About us

I have my degree in Communications and couldn’t imagine being in any other field.

Professionally, I am a writer, creator, and an avid speaker. Outside of being a writer, I am a mom of three who rocks rainbow hair and deeply loves neon colors and disco balls.

You can count on me to break boundaries by having fun and working hard simultaneously. My drink of choice is always an iced chai, and I will never say no to exploring coffee shops and thrift stores and participating in photoshoots for fun.

My entire existence is crafted through creative expression. My biggest strength as a person and professional is my endless enthusiasm for any project in front of me. I am not afraid to face any task with innovation and creativity.

but I couldn't do this alone... 

I’m a writer. 

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Hey, friends! My name is Rebecca Kochanek

I am the head copywriter at Savvy Morris Marketing!!

About us

My core values for my craft are strategy, connection, and quality. When not working with clients, I enjoy a life surrounded by my dog, live music, and fun people! I’m a concert junkie, travel enthusiast (and travel networking?! Love that, too!), and hobby line dancer!

I’m a Dayton, Ohio, native and am a girl who loves supporting local and seeing small businesses thrive. I love connecting with the people around me, and that’s exactly why I’m in the social media business. I have over six years of experience in developing a strong eye for the details and implementing successfully strategized campaigns.

I’m Sam, your trusted social media manager, ready to elevate your business socials!


I  take zero shortcuts.

About us

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Meet our Project Manager & Husband to Justice! 

I have five years of project management experience and pride myself on having strong, effective communication and organizational skills. A few fun things you should know about me are that I’m a gamer at heart, love a good car, and am fond of good coffee! I’m a goofball at heart and genuinely love to have a good time. I’m excited to be here, and we’ll be chatting soon!

Hi, I’m Mike, the helping hand of Savvy Morris Marketing!

why you should work with us!

we take an individualized approach

we focus on authenticity & creativity

we bring luxury & strategy to every project

You don’t have to compromise functionality for luxury or vice versa! Our team is extremely detail-oriented, and we actively work to ensure that a project is completed to be user-friendly and looks phenomenal! One of our biggest strengths as an agency is being very aware of the collaborative process between all design visuals and storytelling elements, guaranteeing that your website goals are met with top-notch style.

Potential clients want connection. We strive to keep your voice as authentic as possible so that clients feel excited and safe moving toward the next steps of doing business with you. We’re in this biz because we love creative problem solving. Our design process is built on fostering creativity, empowering you to confidently stand apart from competitors. We’re here to remind you that it’s okay to have fun! You have full permission to show up as yourself and have fun doing it.

Everyone has different goals and priorities for their business. For every project, we take the time to understand your unique goals and vision. Whether it's a sleek and modern website or a vibrant and playful brand, we ensure that your website or brand authentically reflects your individuality. We’re here to support you, recognizing that you’re the professional in your field! You deserve to be the main character in your business, and we ensure that every client feels confident and secure throughout the process.

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